Thursday, July 15, 2010

Almost Paperless Teaching

I am very fortunate to teach a class called Technology in the Classroom at a graduate level to adult learners in a master degree program.  I teach this course with a dear teaching friend Wendy.

We gave out two pieces of paper, roughly 100 sheets, during this 8 week course.  One was an assignment list (first night) and the other was a learning log (last night).  Both could really only be done with paper.

How did we do it?
  • Blackboard.  The university uses Blackboard for it's course management and posted much of our work there.
  • Moodle.  I had access to Moodle through a teacher friend.  I used Moodle for my content to show the difference between Moodle and Blackboard (other than the cost).
  • All kinds of Web 2.0 tools:
    • wikis
    • blogs
    • Google Docs
    • Google Voice
    • Edmodo
  • And those are just the paper replacements.  We used many more Web 2.0 tools that make teaching and learning so much better!
Next year, no paper.  Should be good!

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Mrs. Tenkely said...

Well done! It is amazing how much paper can be consumed by a single class, as you have learned there are so many ways to do without so much paper that in many ways make the learning experience richer.